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Private Equity Funding
Project Funding from the Alternate Maket
Project Funding from the Alternate Market is available through our contacts, a group of funders, for any country where investor funds can be repatriated. The project size should be over US$ 25 million.
Intending project promoters should have a minimum seed funding of one per cent of the funding sought available with them.
      This type of funding would help entrepreneurs set up their projects, 
where funding from conventional sources is not available for their projects, or not financially viable.
     Funds would normally be ready for disbursement 60 banking days after signing agreements and commitment of seed funding.

Project summaries with a utilization timeline, and a PoF statement may be sent to us through this mail link.

Link to Funding process procedure. (Updated January 2017)
Funding plans can be customised for Projects where seed funding of US$ 100,000 to US$ 500,000 is available with entrepreneurs.

Links to: “Do keep your arrogance, attitude, and past record in check when seeking funds”,
            “Project Funding from the Alternate Market — Guarantees”
            “Project Funding from the Alternate Market — Guarantees and Deposits”.

For India
Private Equity Project Funding
is available for setting up new projects in India, through Foreign Direct Investment.

Private Equity Funding is also available for acquisition of projects, and expansion of existing projects/ businesses, in India. 

Promoters must have a financial stake in the project.

Minimum project size should be around US$ 25 million. Smaller projects can be considered on a case to case basis.

The areas where our funders/investors would like to focus on are projects in the fields of —

  • Renewable Energy — Photovoltaic Systems (PV), Solar Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Wind, Hybrid, Bio-mass.
  • Conventional Thermal, Gas Powered Power Plants.
  • Waste-to-Energy, Bio-mass and Bio-gas based plants.
  • Food Processing.
  • Animal husbandry, including processing of dairy products.
  • Cold Storages and Cold Chains.
  • Green real estate projects using renewable energy as their primary source of power, solar and other associated systems for cooling/heating and refrigeration, zero-waste processing systems for liquid and solid waste disposal, including recycling of materials like paper, plastics, etc.
  • Healthcare and Educational projects.
  • Innovative environmentally conscious self-sustaining projects.

A small piece of advice to those promoters who say “I won’t pay anything upfront”.
While there are usually no upfront charges, promoters would have to bear costs connected with due diligence, including site visits. They would also bear legal and applicable bank charges, and government charges connected with the funding.

Link to
Reasons why most project funding requests are unsuccessful

Funders/Investors do not consider a funding request seriously unless the promoter has a financial stake in the project.

To consider a request for Funding we would require information in the following format. Please use this email link for sending us the information.
(Please do not send us project reports, other documents, or presentations till we ask for them).
  • Name of company (with RoC registration number for India)/or company registration number.
  • Names and short background of promoters.
  • PAN Card of Company, (for India).
  • PAN Cards of Promoters/Directors, (for India).
  • Contact Address.
  • Contact Person.
  • Contact Phone Number.
  • Contact E-mail address.
  • Website, (if any)
  • Brief description of project, (not longer than 2 pages). (Would recommend your reading this article by Mr Barry Moltz, before you write your plan)
  • Funding required.
  • Repayment plan.
  • Status of the project
    • Business Plan
    • Land — owned, leased, to be purchased
    • Project Report / Detailed Project Report
    • Government Approvals, etc. (only a list please, with validity of approvals)
Private Financial Opportunities
Available to investors / account holders in countries with no currency transfer restrictions 

Private Financial Opportunities through instruments like MTN's, LTN's, SBLC's, BG's, Bonds
Participation in Private Financial Opportunities is available through our contacts based in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and other financial centres.
We can arrange for participation in:
  • Buy/Sell  Programmes, as well as Purchase and Sale of instruments.
  • Monetization of instruments.
  • Cash holdings US$ 1 million upwards.
  • Programmes where funds will have to be shifted to the trader's bank, where the principal will open an account and retain control of the account.
Participation in Joint Ventures
These are not block and hold transactions, but actual participation in joint ventures with the trading entities.

Participation is available from US$ 1 million upwards.

To check their initial eligibility, intending participants should send us a valid proof of fund statement
, (which should not be older than 3 days, at the time of despatch), or a copy of the instrument, along with a copy of their passports. (Fraudulent accounts / instruments will be reported to the authorities, and could lead to the person being blacklisted and barred from participation in any trading programme).

They would be advised regarding the procedure and further documentation after the initial assessment. (Participation can also be via SKR's issued with full bank responsibility for gold, silver, and diamonds).

Requests for participation may be sent to us through this mail link.


Home      |      Private Financial Opportunities      |      About Us

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