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About Us

Kuber Consultants came into being in 2010, when we felt the need to operate as a formalized entity, for assisting clients in the field of Private Equity funding for Projects.
      When we started we discovered that most proposals had no chance of reaching conclusion: the promoter/principals had been mis-informed by intermediaries who were more keen on earning a commission, than seeing a transaction go through successfully.
      We have direct contact with the Funding entities. We only deal with proposals where we can interact with clients face-to-face, or a video call over Skype. This ensures that only genuine and serious proposals are processed by us.
      The core group of Kuber Consultants comprises Hartej Baksh Singh, with over 46 years working experience covering manufacturing, management consultancy, interaction with the government at the legislative level, surveying services for mining exploration, pre-press services for the publishing industry, project advisory; and Rekha Singh, with over 25 years of experience of quality control in pre-press services and client interfacing, with a team of associated consultants.

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Home      |      Private Financial Opportunities      |      About Us

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