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‘Life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you’

Project Funding
We will continue to arrange Project Funding through 2019 from our contacts in the alternate market.
Minimum funding amount: US$ 25 million (≈ INR 175 crores).
Promoters should be prepared to spend a commitment amount to cover expenses required for generating funds. Minimum US$ 350,000.
You may contact us by clicking on this e-mail link.
The omission of a contact number and address is deliberate

A New Direction
By the end of 2019 we intend implementing plans for entering:

Renewable Energy — Solar, Wind, Desalination, AWG, Waste Processing and Waste to Energy
Controlled Environment Horticulture
Food Processing
Aromatic Oils and Perfumes
Preserves, Liqueurs and Wines
Cold Storages and Reefers
Pisciculture, Mariculture
Dairy Farming and Processing
Tanning and Fine Leather Accessories
Fashion Accessories
Weaving (Hemp fabrics)

Each area will be added on the website as and when they become operational.


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